Questions & Answers for
Before every convention we get alot of e-mails and we do our best to answer every question as fast as possible. We have over the years noticed that the most part of the questions asked are the same, so we have compiled this "Q&A" page.
Please read and check if the question you about to ask not are already answered here below before e-mailing us.

Thanks in advance.
1. I'm wondering what guests are coming to the convention? / Can you confirm if **** are coming to the convention?

Answer: We do not publicize the guest on this webpage before everything is officially confirmed. This to avoid disappointments. All the latest information will be on this website, everything else are just rumors and speculations.

2. Will the guests be at the convention on both days?

Answer: If nothing else is stated on the website, all the guests will be at the convention on both days.

3. At what hours will the guests be at the convention?

Answer: Except for breaks they will be at the convention during the opening hours.

4. How much do the guests charge for a signed photo?

Answer: The guests usually bring their own photos which they sell at the convention. We don't have any control over what they charge. (Will usually be around 150 Swedish kronor each).

5. I have my own material which I would like to have signed. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes. The price varies from guest to guest. (See above).

6. I work for a local newspaper/website, and are wondering if I could get a small interview with the guests during the convention?

Answer: We get a lot of requests about this. No interviews are made during the convention days. All interviews are made the days before the convention and then by the major newspapers, radio stations, TV-networks etc. Contact us well before time, with a thorough presentation about who you represent.

7. Are you allowed to take photographs/videos at the convention?

Answer: Yes, but certain dealers might have certain restrictions.